ance recovery sneakers the multi point complete recovery sneaker for healthier feet and stronger you; the shoe aide in eliminating pain and fatigue in feet from workout, run, dance or otherwise


Our vision is to empower all athletes to achieve greatness through foot health and recovery.

Ance sneakers are designed to maximize recovery on-the-go for healthier feet and a stronger you.

  • Splay your toes for natural alignment

    Wide toe box encourages natural realignment and provides support to arches, while increasing stability. Moreover, it distributes pressure more evenly, reducing the likelihood of friction, blisters, and calluses.

  • Reduce Inflammation with ice pack

    Patented icing system enables on-the-go icing of toes and bunions. Icing therapy is known to reduce inflammation and pain, and to promote comfort by preventing or limiting the accumulation of excess fluid in the tissues.

  • Relieve your arches through custom arch support

    360 degree proprietary strap provides custom compression to fatigued arches. Arch support is known to enable proper foot mechanics, which can aid in the prevention of various foot conditions, including shin splints, stress fractures, and Achilles tendonitis.

  • Massage heels via acupressure dots

    When worn as a slide, acupressure dots provide trigger point massage. Acupressure dots are known to improve blood circulation and to reduce fatigue, enhancing energy levels.

What are our early adopters saying

Ance is an innovative and high-tech recovery show with built-in massage for those days on-the-go and a convertible slide feature creating a seamless transition from show to slides. I especially appreciate the comfort and support around the balls of my foot since as a dancer a lot of weight is put on my bunions and toes when I am en point.

Ashley L. | Ballerina and Model

As a person who is constantly working out, I need to reset my body quickly. Ance allows me to recover and feel refreshed for my next workout. I especially love the wide toe box that let's me splay my toes and feel immediate relief post workout.

Dr. Tanu P. | Dr. of Physical Theraphy and Fitness Enthusiast

They (Ance) are so comfortable and great wearing after class

Elisabeth B. | Professional Ballerina

I am training for the Chicago marathon and as far as recovery goes, Ance has been the key to my success. The sneakers have these acupressure dots that give you an awesome massage after a long run; this really helps my feet feel so much better as runs can create foot aches.

Kelly T. | Mom of three and a Marathoner

I've always felt pain in my feet after a run and I took that as granted; with Ance, my post-run pain is disappearing and what's even cooler is that I am feeling more rejuvenated for my next run.

Kunal M. | Avid runner


Why do you need foot recovery?

  • Foot recovery may increase long term mobility by removing active stress on feet
  • To achieve optimal fitness and foot health, equal parts stress and recovery is paramount
  • Recovery reduces impact to ligaments and tendons, aiding in prevention of tendonitis or plantar fasciitis
  • Recovery increases delivery of oxygen to tissues, helping the feet recover from fatigue more efficiently
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    Step up your fashion game with the all-white Santorini that offers both comfort and sophistication.

  • San Francisco

    Discover the timeless appearance of the classic gray San Francisco for a versatile and modern look.

  • Los Angeles

    Let your unique style shine with our funky Los Angeles. Make a statement without saying a word.

  • Paris

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Ance offers both functionality and style in one package. Unlike traditional recovery footwear that can often appear bulky and unattractive, Ance boasts modern design and versatility.

Our Story

Paige, co-founder and a former ballerina, grew up spending countless hours in the studio on her feet. This constant punishment of her feet impacted her performance and craft. With Ance, she and her co-founder (and husband), Kunal had one mission - to empower all athletes to achieve greatness through foot health and recovery.

Our team strived tirelessly for 2+ years to develop a footwear system that would enable multi-point foot recovery without sacrificing aesthetics.

With Ance, we want to change the way people think of active recovery.

After raising 200% of our planned pledged amount and getting countless validation from athletes we are ready to launch this summer!